How Long Do You Have to be Separated in Florida to Get a Divorce?

How Long Do You Have to be Separated in Florida to Get a Divorce?Deciding to file for divorce isn’t easy. While this is true, when you make this decision, you may be surprised to learn that you can’t get a divorce right after you end your marriage. There are some states that require you to be separated for a set amount of time. Usually, this ranges between six months and one year.

If you have filed for divorce in Florida, you may wonder how long you have to be separated from your spouse before the proceedings can be finalized in Florida. If you want to end your marriage, I am here to help. At Griffin Family Law, my goal is to help you get the results you desire for your case.

Is There a Mandatory Waiting Period to Get Divorced in Florida?

The purpose of a waiting period when filing for divorce is to ensure both parties have time to decide if they really want to end their marriage.

While this is true, the state of Florida does not have a waiting period or any required separation before you can file for a divorce. The requirement in this state is for one of the parties to reside in the state for a minimum of six months before they file for a divorce.

Residency Requirements to File for Divorce in Florida

Even though Florida doesn’t require you to wait or to be separated for a set amount of time before you file for or get divorced, you do have to meet the set residency requirements in Florida.

As mentioned above, the law in the state of Florida requires one spouse to live in Florida for a period of six months (or more) before they can file for a divorce. While this is true, you have the right to file a petition for a divorce even if one of the people hasn’t lived in Florida for this amount of time before the filing.

As a result, the courts in Florida are focused on the amount of time the spouses have resided in the state instead of how long they are separated before they file for a divorce.

How Long Will It Take You to Get Divorced in Florida?

Several issues will play a role in the amount of time your divorce case takes to finalize. Some of the most important factors include:

  • If your spouse is fighting the divorce or not
  • If the divorce involves children
  • If the divorce includes complex assets
  • If you can agree on important issues with your spouse
  • If you and your spouse are willing to compromise and reach an agreement
  • If you have found and hired a quality divorce attorney

How a Divorce Attorney Can Help with Your Case

If you are ready to file for divorce in Florida, having an attorney on your side and helping you with your case is recommended. At Griffin Family Law, I am ready to provide you with the quality legal representation you need and deserve. The first step is to call my office and set up an initial consultation. I will discuss your case and your goals for the divorce. You can count on me and my legal resources to help you get the best possible outcome for your divorce proceedings.

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