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Child Support Attorneys Neptune BeachAt some point, you may need to retain the services of a Neptune Beach child support attorney. This could be during a divorce or if changes need to be made to your pre-established child support agreement. 

In any situation that involves child support, having the services of an experienced attorney who understands all the ins and outs of Florida child support laws is a must. At Griffin Family Law, you can count on us to provide the experienced, professional representation you want and need for your child support situation. 

Determining Child Support Amounts in Florida 

The Florida legislature has set guidelines regarding child support payments and what is required in your situation. It accounts for each parent’s income and all expenses.

Parents are both responsible for a percentage of this support. In most cases, the parent with the higher income is responsible for more child-related costs than the parent with the lower income. However, this is an amazingly simple example of how this works, and most cases involve other factors that must be considered. 

It is important to understand that it is not possible to negotiate child support. This means that these payments are not left to the parents’ discretion. Child support that is paid belongs to the child, and every child requires support from each parent to ensure a secure financial future. 

What Information Is Required to Calculate Child Support Payments?

In the state of Florida, child support calculations are uniform. To determine how much child support should be paid, the following information must be known:

  • How many children will receive support?
  • Each parent’s net income. 
  • Childcare costs each parent pays. 
  • Health insurance, dental, and vision insurance payments are made by each parent. 
  • Additional support obligations being paid (that are imposed by a court order).

Child support in Florida is determined by a formula that was established by the Florida Child Support Guidelines. 

With these Guidelines, the net income of each part and the total number of children are considered, along with the cost of insurance and childcare. When child support is paid, it is non-taxable to the recipient and is not tax-deductible by the paying spouse. It is possible to modify child support based on a material change in one parent’s circumstances. 

Understanding the Potential Issues in Florida Child Support Agreements

When it comes to child support, some parents are concerned that the money they send is not being used for their child or children. At this point, they may wonder if it is possible to have the receiving parent provide an itemized list of how the money is used. Unfortunately, this is not possible (in most situations). 

It is not the job of the court to keep up with what the money is spent on. However, if there are situations where the sending parent believes the money is used to pay for a drug or alcohol habit or expensive vacations while the children live in a poor home environment, it is important to inform the court or your attorney, so the proper steps can be taken. 

Besides the type of situation mentioned above, the parent receiving child support parents can do as they see fit with the money. 

Understanding Modifications for Child Support in Florida 

Each petition for child support or for a modification of child support needs to be accompanied by a family law financial affidavit. This includes the person’s income, allowed deductions, and must be served at the same time the complaint is served. 

Enforcement of child support is necessary to ensure the best interest of the child or children in question. If children are involved, the court will focus on ensuring they are cared for and have their needs met. It does not matter if you have a contested or uncontested divorce – in both situations, the child support amounts are calculated based on the set guidelines. While there are always exceptions to this rule, it is best to speak with us to determine if you qualify for one of these exceptions. 

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Child support can be a complicated issue. Because of this, we recommend reaching out to  Griffin Family Law if you are concerned about your situation or the child support amount that has been ordered. We will help you understand the law and how it applies to your situation. Our goal is to ensure your best interests are accounted for and help you achieve your goals for your case and situation. Contact Griffin Family Law today, serving Neptune Beach and the surrounding areas, if you are ready to get started. 

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