Common Myths About Divorce Mediation 

Common Myths About Divorce Mediation 

Have you decided to end your marriage? If so, find ways to eliminate the drama, reduce the legal costs, and ensure a fair outcome. For many people, the situation can be resolved with divorce mediation.

Divorce mediation is a process where a couple works to resolve their legal issues with the help of a third-party mediator. During mediation, you and your spouse will discuss all the divorce issues, such as dividing assets and debts, child custody, spousal maintenance, parenting time, and any other issues involved in your situation.

Some people avoid mediation simply because they believe some of the myths are “out there.” At Griffin Family Law, PLLC, I am happy to answer any questions you have. Here are some of the most common myths about mediation and what you should really believe.

Myth: The Mediator Makes the Decision on Your Behalf

Mediators who deal with family law matters have training in conflict resolution, negotiation, and communication. They will help you and your spouse discuss unresolved issues and find solutions to them.

Mediators don’t choose one person’s side. They do not make decisions for you. Their job is to ensure that your divorce negotiations and conversations are productive and that you mutually agree with your spouse.

Myth: Mediation Will Only Work if You Already Agree on All the Issues in Your Divorce

This is not the case. In fact, the opposite is true. Mediation works well when conflict is present if physical abuse is not involved. If you do not agree on all the issues of your divorce, then going to court will only worsen a bad situation.

With mediation, you are empowered to reach an agreement on your own, all with the help of a professional mediator. By reaching an agreement like this, you can also work through some of your issues, which may help you heal.

Myth: Mediation Is Not Effective for High-Net Worth Couples

Another myth about mediation is that it is not an option for high net-worth couples. If there are significant income and assets involved in your divorce, there are just more decisions that must be made.

However, unlike couples with minimal assets, couples with a high net worth are in a much better position to solve the financial issues that the divorce has created. This also ensures that both parties can move forward comfortably and separately.

In situations where assets are varied and significant, the mediator will help you reach a resolution that works for you both. That is because you will have more options to do this.

An additional bonus is that you can save a lot of money if you use mediation for your divorce.

Myth: All Mediators Are the Same

This is not the case. Mediation has become more popular, so more and more mediators are offering their services.

Some mediators only dabble in this or do it “on the side.”

You need to make sure that the mediator you use knows all the statutes in the state related to divorce and your case. However, you also need to find someone who can provide you with advice and guidance about your case.

A quality mediator will provide you with all this and ensure you achieve a win-win outcome.

Myth: Mediation Is the Right Option for Everyone

Mediation can be a beneficial way to resolve your legal issues and reach a divorce agreement. However, mediation is not the right option for all divorce situations.

Mediation is not the right option if your spouse is not honest about their financial matters or any other issues related to your divorce.

Mediation requires ongoing communication, cooperation, and transparency.

Mediation may not be proper for couples with a history of domestic violence or those unable to communicate easily.

Myth: Your Rights Will Not be Represented if You Choose Mediation

This is a scare tactic. Some attorneys use this to convince clients not to choose mediation. However, it is completely false.

Mediators will spend a lot of time educating you about your rights, including the statutes and guidelines that will be considered when ruling. Mediators do not provide advice regarding what you should do. This would compromise their impartial presence, which is an important part of mediation.

After you know the rules and your rights, you can feel confident in the mediation process. Also, the mediator will help to ensure there is a level playing field during the discussions between you and your spouse.

Mediators will not put together an agreement that does not adhere to the state laws or that is too one-sided. Also, most mediators will encourage you to have an attorney review the agreement. It is also worth mentioning that you can hire an attorney to help with mediation if you desire; this is your right and your decision.

Myth: Mediation Is Only for Low-Income Couples Who Want to Save Money

The real value of mediation is not in the amount of money that a couple can save; it is in the quality of the agreement that is reached. Not just low-income couples can benefit from mediation. It is something that all couples can benefit from and that they should consider.

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If you are going through a divorce, you should consider mediation. It offers several benefits for your situation. Do you have questions about mediation or divorce? If so, contact my office. At Griffin Family Law, PLLC, we are here to help you with your divorce case.

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